M-Audio M3-8 Three Way Active Studio Monitor


The M-Audio M3-8 Studio Monitor is a 8-inch, 3-way active studio monitor featuring 220 watts (total) of Class AB amplification. The M-Audio M3-8 is designed with digital musicians in mind, ideal for mixing and mastering your productions. This highly-accurate studio monitor feature exceptional transparency and audio fidelity thanks to its internal circuitry, premium quality components and unique 3-way design. The tri-amp Class A/B amplification provides the perfect balance between Class A and B, designed for maximum efficiency and performance. The inline mid and high frequency drivers deliver superior imaging, while the wide frequency range delivers every nuance of the original audio as it was intended. Additionally the M3-8 features an integrated 3-band EQ and rear-mounted volume and power control.

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3-Way Monitoring

The tri-amplified construction of the M-Audio M3-8 is designed for exceptional audio quality and fidelity, providing you with three dedicated individual internal amplifiers, each powering a different part of the speaker. Each amplifier is specifically engineered for each part of the speaker, with each amplifier accentuating the characteristics of the driver it’s powering. The crossover points have been meticulously selected, dividing the frequency spectrum into individual bands for exceptional accuracy and a wide, consistent dispersion pattern.

In-Line MF/HF Design

One of the most innovative features of the M-Audio M3-8 is the In-Line MF/HF design. The in-line design works by ensuring the mid and treble frequencies each the best possible listening position at the exact same time for a sonically-precise performance. The in-line design facilitates the ultra-compact cabinet design, adding a natural and precise value to your sound field – something conventional-mounted drivers cannot achieve. The three-dimensions sound field exposes every part of the mix with exceptional clarity, ideal for mixing and mastering purposes.

Superior Drivers

The M-Audio M3-8 features a Kevlar diaphragm on both the woofer and mid range driver, providing you with an high-speed transient attack and high sensitivity. The Kevlar diaphragm is selected for its strong, stiff and light characteristics, allowing the drivers to react in a natural way for a better overall performance. The 1’’ woven silk dome tweeter utilises Ferro-fluid voice coil cooling for added reliability and efficiency, which results in a clean and clear sound that imparts no listening fatigue or harshness that metal dome tweeters are known to encounter. These premium-quality drivers are ideal for prolonged use, perfect for mixing, recording and mastering applications.

Cater To Any Space

The M-Audio M3-8 has numerous controls and parameters which allow you to tailor the sound the monitor produces the space you are in. This guarantees absolute audio fidelity, retaining the sonic-characteristics of the original signal for exceptional transparency and performance. The integrated three-band EQ allows you to shape the sound while catering to your listening environment. This is ideal for home studios, allowing you to match the speakers sound with the space you are utilising. For example you can use the switchable low-cut filter for reigning in the bas response, for using the M3-8 with a subwoofer unit. You can also use the pinhole-mounted blue LEDS to find the optimal position for your speaker, in relation to your listening position. The front baffle features a matte black soft touch design with vinyl-laminated cabinet for added durability and a sleek aesthetic.

Matte black soft touch front baffle with vinyl-laminated cabinet
Inline mid- & high-frequency drivers offer superior imaging
8″ woven Kevlar low-frequency driver
5″ woven Kevlar mid-frequency driver
1″ silk dome tweeter with integrated waveguide
Tri-amp Class A/B power, 220 Watts total
XLR and 1/4″ balanced inputs; RCA unbalanced input
3-band EQ with bypass; switchable low-cut filter
Rear-mounted volume and power control