Company Information

The history of Dj Dealer

DjDealers root can be traced back to a company first known as Mobi-Deque which over the years grew from a Mobile Discotechque agency to a record shop, a disco shop, an events company right up until where we are now!


Where we came from – one young man’s dream

Dj Dealer began as a result of David Chapman providing mobile discos for friends and relatives, his first professional engagement being Friday 13th December 1968!

In 1975 David opened up a record shop at Number 14 Charlton Village which then grew into a much larger operation. Towards the end of 1978 he began selling disco equipment from the same record shop which further expanded around 1980 into the shop next door becoming a purpose built lighting and sound showroom.

In 1980 David also became a rep for the company ‘FAL’, a job which lasted 2 years. He was 1 of only 2 reps covering the whole of the UK, David took care of everything South of Birmingham whilst the other rep took over everything North.

In 1984 the company branched out into the hire and events business forming First Light which quickly became heavily involved in the corporate events business.

In the early 90’s the company had grown in such a way that a new warehouse was taken on in Swanley employing 7 full time staff to manage it’s operation!

The turn of the millennium

By the turn of the millennium the events business had grown so much (110 events in December 1999 alone!) that the shops in Charlton Village had to close their doors. Retail sales still carried on via the hire company and at the same time a small website was setup to keep the retail side running.

In February 2002 the business moved it’s base to it’s current facility in Rochester, Kent taking unit 9 as it’s first base!
Within a couple of years the company out grew unit 9 and then further expanded into units 10 and later unit 8.

Unit 10 first became the shop counter and in 2006 Dj Dealer started to come together!


2011 – 2016

By 2011 Dj Dealer had become so popular that it became a limited company and began building it’s current showroom in Unit 8!
At this time was launched enabling our customers to make their purchases online.

In 2013  Jack Wilson joined the Dj Dealer team and began managing the sales and marking side whilst developing the website and social media pages.

Can you believe it – in 2014 we expanded yet again!
We obtained unit 15 which has become both a stock keeping warehouse and also a large lighting demo room for our show nights that we periodically run throughout each year.

2015 was the major turning point for Dj Dealer as sales rapidly increased – due to the large success we decided that the website was due for renewal and  our current website was developed to enhance the online shopping experience with Dj Dealer.
During this time we also employed further members of staff to enhance our customer relations and the ‘Dj Dealer experience’.

2016 started off after a very successful Christmas and year period!

Where the are now
In the Autumn of 2016, Dj Dealer expanded its operation out of Unit 8 in Rochester and opened a store in the Royal Star Aracde, Maidstone. This means that Dj Dealer has TWO stores.

Dj Dealer held its first show night of 2017 at the Royal Star Arcade in April.


To the future

Throughout the years we have gone from strength to strength and it’s our dream that we can only build more as time continues
in the words of D:Ream – “Things can only get better”

We are proud to call Dj Dealer our ‘family’ and we like to think all of our customers are part of the Dj Dealer family and pride ourselves on excellent service.